Benefits of integrating telephony into your CRM software

Telephony service is a software interface that integrates with a physical telephone device to perform actions like dialling phone numbers and logging calls. It enables you to keep track of your company’s efficiency regarding interactions with customers, vendors and suppliers. Here are some benefits of integrating telephony into your CRM software:

1. Reaching more prospects: Prospecting is a priority for any sales team. The more they prospect, the more opportunities they create. Technology enables your team to do just this. An integrated CRM and telephony system dials out numbers automatically. This means your sales team can make faster outbound calls and connect with more prospects.

2. Customer engagement: Your CRM enables you to categorise customers based on various metrics and enables you to define the frequency with which your sales team should connect with each customer.

Integrating your CRM and telephony enables you to track whether the sales team contacted customers at predefined times, and what the outcome for the same was. You don’t have to put up with excuses like “forgot to log” or “called but no one responded.”

Information about callers: With an integrated system, your team members can get all relevant customer details from the CRM on their screen when the telephony service dials out to the customer’s number. This means your team spends more time interacting with customers and addressing their queries and less time searching for information from different places.

3. Call recording: Integrating your CRM and telephony eliminates all these hassles for you. It provides a unified platform to manage the recording of calls and also the quality of service delivery. These recordings are also useful if your customer drags your business into litigations. Recordings protect your company’s interest if you’ve done the right thing.

4. Interactive Call Scripts: Conversational flowcharts help call center agents efficiently move callers towards a resolution or sale, depending on the situation presented. Rather than fumbling through next steps, staff may confidently move callers down a funnel which narrows to specific outcomes. Linking telephony with CRM solutions lets businesses create interactive call scripts which can be accessed quickly, giving callers the impression that staff are speaking with them in a natural, logical flow. 

5. Detailed Caller ID & Call History:  Your CRM can store, access and analyze massive amounts of diverse information, including detailed caller ID and call history. Linking telephone systems to your database will give your customer service staff quick access to previous interactions and customer demographics before the call connects. This allows you to provide vital caller data as soon as possible, letting them prepare for customer interactions instead of blindly entering an important sales or service situation.

6. Scalability: Have you ever purchased more infrastructure and devices thinking it’ll be useful for when your team becomes bigger? Sometimes the team grows, sometimes it doesn’t. But for now, your investment is a dead investment.

7. Improved employee productivity: A telephony service identifies and routes calls accurately, saving customer support agents the time of having to transfer calls between departments. Such integration also gives you access to dashboards on important KPIs like handling time, pipeline leads, opportunities, and so on. You can monitor calls and provide feedback to agents to help them reduce call duration and improve quality at the same time.

8. Improved conversion rates: Research states that 92 percent leads convert by the sixth attempt. A CRM provides your sales team with relevant information about customer needs and interactions, while the telephony logs the number of follow-ups. This enables you to keep your sales team accountable and also increase business.

9. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Integrated telephony and CRM presents your customers with various options to save their time. One, it routes call to the right department at the first attempt. Two, it presents callers in some cases with the option of self-service.

For instance, banks provide customers with options like knowing their bank balance, resetting their PIN, updating personal details, and so on without speaking to a customer care representative. All this enhances customer satisfaction which presents opportunities to generate revenue for your business.

10. Increased use of your CRM: Many times, salespeople don’t log calls because they complain about lack of time. But lack of this data limits your view on how they engaged your prospects and customers. Integrating CRM and telephony will enable you to conduct more in-depth sales reviews. Plus, you can monitor these calls for improvement in quality and use them for training purposes.



The future belongs to companies that maintain strong customer relations and improve efficiency at serving them. Technology is an effective way to help your business achieve both these goals.



  Urish Arora is a Digital Advisor/Strategist, Technical Author, Business Applications (D365) - MCSE, Speaker, Trainer, Dynamics 365 Lead/Architect helping organisations adapt to Dynamics 365, BI, SharePoint and Azure.



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