Few of the Key Dynamics CRM Add-ons


Dynamics CRM Addons Description
Scribe Scribe’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector gives you access to all Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities and incorporate the full range of business logic associated with these entities. Its helpful to make your integration experience simple, fast, and easy saving you services costs associated with integrations and migrations. 
Resco Mobile It gives you around-the-clock access to your CRM data anywhere you go, even with no Internet connection. You can connect the app directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Salesforce, Oracle CX, or use it to access any other CRM/ERP systems. You can utilize it with no back-end, too, as a part of Resco Cloud solution. 
c360 Productivity Packs A utility for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that permits you to automatically track the last interaction with a lead, account, contact or opportunity.
A Dynamics 365 E-mail enhancement that permits CRM users to create, schedule, and deliver HTML E-mails based on CRM data.
An add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides users with alerts on any lead, account, contact or opportunity form. Individual alerts are available for each record, also allows users to add custom alerts to any lead, account, contact or opportunity form.
CoreMotives CoreMotives is another email marketing add-on that is dedicated to Microsoft CRM.  It appears to cover the same areas as Click Dimensions but I suspect it is the inferior product.  Check out both companies’ websites and you will see what I mean.   On the surface I would prefer to use Click Dimensions, but maybe there is a feature difference or a price difference that’s in CoreMotives favour

ExactTarget integrated with Microsoft CRM to improve your customer service communications, marketing feedback and help to increase your overall business sales. It will boost email response times and correspondence, which will not only make a real difference to your client communication but will greatly improve your daily productivity. ExactTarget is not only easy to use and configure, but it can help to strengthen your customer relationships with fast handling of bulk email responses.

AdxStudio Portal Adxstudio Portals supercharges Dynamics® CRM into an interactive, web-based sales, services, support and social engagement application platform. Adxstudio Portals supercharges Microsoft Dynamics CRM into an interactive web-based services, support and social engagement platform. It provides  portal which is ready to use on mobile, tablet and PC devices - using the Bootstrap HTML5 & CSS3 framework. It provides  interactive discussion forums, blogs, ideas, issues, events, surveys and polls. It also provides the features like Customer Support and non-technical users can build and configure fully functional web apps
North52 Build simple or complex business rules using point-click editor, eliminates C# and JavaScript coding. Its a ‘low or no code’ tool with a point and click user interface. It helps in creating business rules is up to 10 times faster than writing custom code. Even Functional consultants can implement and manage business rules that otherwise would require a developer. Changes to business requirements easy to implement and deploy.
Document CorePack DocumentsCorePack is fully integrated into CRM processes, like workflows or dialogs. Thus, all document generation and processing capabilities can be fully automated. Next to reducing your users’ workload, the add-on will help you to standardize your internal and external documents.
PowerMailChimp PowerMailChimp is a MailChimp CRM integration tool that connects the powerful and robust third-party bulk email platform, MailChimp, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Use static or dynamic CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails such as newsletters, special offers and more. PowerMailChimp tracks vital bulk email statistics such as sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes back to individual contacts, leads and accounts. This lets you see who opened the email, who clicked on which links and if anyone unsubscribed.
PowerBarcode PowerBarcode allows users to create barcode images right from within CRM! Insert a barcode into an e-mail or report. A very simple control within CRM provides the ability to easily insert QR Code, Matrix, Linear Barcode, or PDF code.
SSIS Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is an enterprise data integration, data transformation and data migration tool built into Microsoft's SQL Server database. It can be used for a variety of integration-related tasks, such as analyzing and cleansing data and running extract, transform and load, or ETL, processes to update data warehouses.SSIS can extract, transform and consolidate data from multiple relational databases, as well as sources such as XML data files and flat files, then load the processed information into an enterprise data warehouse or other target systems
KingswaySoft  The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most performant and feature rich data integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the market. With a meticulously designed software that leverages the power of the SSIS ETL engine for a familiar development experience, your integration job can be completed 3 to 10 times faster. It provides 4 different source types when reading data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM server and 9 different write actions to choose from when writing data to the CRM server. Its also Equipped with many specifically designed integration options, the SSIS Integration Toolkit is the most flexible solution to read from or write to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server using its web service interfaces.
ClickDimensions ClickDomensions a powerful marketing automation solution natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. ClickDimensions allows you take your Email Marketing and web content and integrate it seamlessly with your Dynamics CRM. For example, you can design emails with us, send them to Leads and Contacts, and get live statistics on who interacted with your message. ClickDimensions helps organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers. And everything can be done within your Dynamics 365 environment


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