Microsoft Dynamics CRM Form Fields and Data Types

Fields and Data Types:

  • Single Line Of text: This is used for small texts or string.
  • Open Set: this type is use for dropdown control. You can create local and global option set as per requirement.
  • Two Options: Two options set is basically used for true false, yes no type values. It’s Boolean data type.
  • Image: This type is mainly used to store logo image, you can use only one this kind of data type per entity which can maximum store 5120 kb data.
  • Whole Numbers: This field used for number in format like:

1. None: Set Minimum and Maximum value.
2. Duration: it’s used to store duration in terms of minutes, hours, days. Hours and days can be also entering using decimal like x.x.
3. Time Zone: it uses to store time zone of user.
4. Language: It’s dropdown value with different language to specify targeted entity language.

  • Floating point Number: It uses to store floating point decimal numbers.
  • Decimal Number: This is used for numbers with decimal value.
  • Currency: Uses to store money value.
  • Multiple line of text: This is used to store large text with maximum length of 1,048,576.
  • Date and Time: this is used to store date time data type. It has following behavior –
  1. User Local: It stores user local time zone.
  2. Date Only: it stores only date part.
  3. Time Zone Independent: It store data without any time zone conversion.
  • Lookup: This type is used to represent relationship from other entities.
  • Calculated Fields: This is new feature in CRM which use to store data after calculation based on other attribute and conditions. Following data type is supported by this field:
  1. Single line Text
  2. Option Set
  3. Single
  4. Two Options
  5. Whole number
  6. Decimal number
  7. Currency
  8. Date and Time

When you select calculated field type, an edit button appears to put condition and action to perform calculation.

Rollup Fields:

Rollup field is used to perform automated calculation based on related entity record. It supports following data type:

  1. Whole number
  2. Decimal number
  3. Currency
  4. Date and time

Same like calculation field you can find edit button which allows you to select source entity and then calculation condition.

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