Digitise Your Customer Experience - using Dynamics 365

Table of Contents

  1. Digitise your customer experience - Preface

  2. Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365 - An Overview

    1. Introduction
    2. Framework for taking digital Business to the Core
    3. Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience
  3. Installation

    1. Installing a Dynamics On Premise Update
    2. Dynamics 365 Updates
    3. Relationship Insights Install
    4. Install Live Assist by CafeX
    5. Installing CRM 2016 On Premise
    6. Downgrading a Dynamics 365 Version
  4. Configuration

    1. Email
    2. Power BI and Business Intelligence
    3. System Settings
  5. Administration

    1. Set Dynamics 365 Instance Name
    2. Bulk Delete Data Job
    3. Change Theme and Logo
    4. Fiscal Year Settings
    5. Sales Territories
    6. Business Units
    7. Queues
    8. Automatically Add Cases to Queues
    9. Picking and Releasing Cases from Queues
    10. Release Queue Item Behavior
    11. Quick Find Entities
    12. Manage Licensing and Pricing
    13. User License Types
    14. Auto-Numbering
    15. Teams
    16. Office 365 Groups
    17. SharePoint Integration
    18. OneNote Integration
    19. OneDrive Integration
    20. Release Cycle
    21. Backup and Restore
    22. Create Users
    23. Auditing
    24. Yammer Integration
    25. Restrict Access to Instances
    26. Auto Capture
    27. Delete a CRM Organization
    28. Turning Off Error Report
    29. Timeout Settings
    30. Restrict Attachments Types
    31. Restrict Attachment Size and Prevent Attachments
    32. Learning Paths
    33. Admin Dynamics Website
    34. Enable Disable Turbo Forms
    35. PowerApps, Canvas apps, Model-driven Apps, Common Data Service and D365 Explained
    36. Service Status
    37. Customizing the Site Map with SiteMap Designer
    38. Process Center Disappears from SiteMap
    39. Unified Client Interface
    40. Toggle Between UCI and Classic Mode
    41. Merge Permissions
    42. Notes and Documents
    43. Accessing Customer Service Hub
    44. Creating and Using Single-Stream and Multi-Stream Dashboards
    45. Setting Parent-Child Behavior for Resolving Cases
    46. Connect Schedule Board to Maps
    47. Installing Sample Data
    48. Set Colors and Logo using Themes
    49. Record Creation and Update Rules to Convert Email to Case
    50. Voice of the Customer Limitations
    51. Enabling Hybrid Experience for Unified Interface
    52. Opting In to April 2019 Preview
    53. Copying a Dynamics 365 Organization into another Org
    54. Export and Import Data from One Org to Another using Excel
    55. Updating Records using Export and Import with Excel
  6. Functional

    1. Connections
    2. Goals
    3. Duplicate Detection
    4. Cases
    5. Activities
    6. Business Rules
    7. Interactive Service Hub
    8. Accessing Interactive Service Hub
    9. Knowledge Base Management
    10. Enabling Knowledge Article Search
    11. Searching and Emailing Knowledge Base Articles
    12. Tracking Knowledge Article Versions
    13. Scheduling Publishing a Knowledge Article
    14. Unit Groups
    15. Products
    16. Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice
    17. Sales Literature
    18. Leads
    19. Closing an Opportunity
    20. Sales Pipeline
    21. Product Families
    22. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Products
    23. Currency
    24. Relationship Insights
    25. Opportunities and Calculating Revenue
    26. Account Relationship Types
    27. Customer Service Hub
    28. Entitlements and SLAs
    29. Merging Cases Behavior
    30. Converting a Task to Case or Opportunity
  7. Development

    1. Overview of Extending Dynamics 365
    2. API
    3. Powershell
    4. Dashboards
    5. FetchXML
    6. JavaScript
    7. Processes, Workflows and Plugins
    9. Ribbon
    10. Entities, Forms, Solutions
    11. Xrm Tooling
    12. Integration
    13. Apps
    14. SDK
    15. Azure
  8. Reporting

    1. Creating Reports using the Report Wizard
    2. Building Charts in Dynamics CRM
    3. Install Visual Studio CRM Report Authoring Extensions
    4. Install Visual Studio Dynamics 365 Report Authoring Extensions
    5. Create FetchXML Reports for CRM with Visual Studio
    6. Create SQL Reports for CRM with Visual Studio
    7. Sharing Personal Charts
    8. Convert Personal Chart to System Chart
    9. Excel Templates
    10. Word Templates
    11. Error Connecting to Dynamics 365 from Excel
    12. Everything You Need to Know About Excel and Dynamics 365
  9. Data Migration and Upload

    1. Uploading Data to Dynamics 365
  10. Deployment

    1. Package Deployer
    2. Configuration Migration
    3. Deploy Security Roles
    4. Deploy Plugins Across Different Environments
  11. Security

    1. User and Role Security
    2. Copy Security Role
    3. Troubleshooting User Permissions
    4. Hierarchical Security
    5. Access Teams
    6. Field Security
    7. Which Privileges Which Roles with Privileges Discovery
  12. Performance

    1. Performance Center
  13. Mobile

    1. Mobile Task Flows
    2. Mobile Apps
    3. Displaying Forms, Sections, Fields on Mobile Devices
    4. Mobile Performance and Client Customizations
    5. Error Logging into Dynamics 365 for Phones App
  14. Upgrading

    1. Custom Code Validation Tool 2013
    2. Custom Code Validation Tool 2015
    3. Upgrading Dynamics CRM 2013 Customizations Part 1
    4. Upgrading Dynamics CRM 2013 Customizations Part 2
  15. 3rd Party

    1. North52
    2. XrmToolbox
    3. Resco
  16. Field Service

    1. Overview of Dynamics 365 for Field Service
    1. Installing Field Service for Dynamics 365 Online
    2. Accessing Field Service Settings
    3. Creating a Service Task
    4. Managing Inventory in Field Service
    5. Processing a Return to Warehouse
  17. Project Service Automation

    1. Installation
  18. Appendix

    1. Useful Dynamics 365 Links
    2. User Interface of different versions
    3. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Codenames

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Urish Arora is a Digital Advisor/Strategist, Technical Author, Business Applications (D365) - MCSE, Speaker, Trainer, Dynamics 365 Lead/Architect helping organisations adapt to Dynamics 365, BI, SharePoint and Azure.



NOTE: Please Login as above content is visible to logged-in (registered) users only; with the exception of Overview Chapter


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