Project Online

Missing Security Settings in Project Online

6 April 2019

This article is about solving the issue of "Missing Security Setting in PWA Settings in Project Online".



Adding Active Directory Certificate Services to a Lab...

29 October 2018

This blog is about to adding Active Directory Sertificate Services to a Lab Environment such as a small development lab.

FAST Search index servers out of disk space after or...

18 October 2018

This blog is about FAST Search index servers out of disk space after or during a crawl

SharePoint 2010 Management Shell does not load with...

18 October 2018

This blog is about the resolving issue of SharePoint 2010 Management Shell which does not load with Windows PowerShell 3.0

How to create a basic or high-availability SharePoint...

3 October 2018

This blog is about creating a SharePoint 2013 dev/test farm in Microsoft Azure.

SharePoint 2013 installation Error in Windows Server...

27 September 2018

This blog is about the SharePoint 2013 installation error occurred in Windows Server 2012 R2 due to updated .NET Framework 4.5 to version 4.6 and its resolution.

Create folder in sharepoint site from CRM record via plugin

16 April 2018

This blog is about to create folder via crm plugin using source code

Top 10 things/tasks a SharePoint Admin should know

16 March 2018

This blog post is emphasizing the top 10 things that every SharePoint Administrator should know.

Difference between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Search

15 March 2018

This blog is about to differentiate the Search feature in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Using DocAve tool for SharePoint Migration

14 March 2018

This blog post provides an overview of the migration process with an emphasis on using the DocAve tool for SharePoint migration

How does Backward Compatibility work in SharePoint 2013

13 March 2018

This blog is about showcasing how Backward Compatibility works in SharePoint 2013

Setting up Network Load Balancer (NLB) in a SharePoint Farm

This article is about configuring the Network Load Balancer (NLB) on the SharePoint Server farm by enabling the NLB feature of Windows 2012 Server.

SharePoint backup using Powershell Script

This blog is about backing up SharePoint Farm (both Full and Differential) using the PowerShell script.

Setting up FAST Search in SharePoint 2010 Farm

This blog explains the steps to setup FAST Search in SharePoint 2010. This setup process will cover downloading the installation package, enabling Windows PowerShell scripts to run and setting...

Setting up FBA Authentication in SharePoint

This article is about to set up Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint 2013

Authentication(s) in SharePoint - An Overview

This blog provides an overview of Authentication in SharePoint by describing different types of Authentications.

What’s new with Web Content Management (WCM) in...

Here we are discussing the new features introduced as a part of Web Content Management (WCM) in SharePoint 2013

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